1 Day Healthy Living Ayurveda Introduction Course

9 Hours
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9 Hours / Session


Frequency of visiting Doctors, Hospitals, Labs, taking medicines is increasing day by day , why?So many factors are playing role into this. Most important is the speed of today's life . This unbelievable speed is moving us away from our body, body signals.

Its like going in a fast train , looking out of the window and everything is moving back so fast that we can not take out any meaning from that. And when the same train slows down everything becomes so clear to us , the beautiful mango tree, the paddy field of rice, the stone house and so many things.

In a same way when our mind slows down we get connected to the body, we start listening to the body signals and start taking out the correct meaning out of them. Then everything becomes so simple! The complicated issues becomes simple, we can go to the root of the problem on our own and can also find our own solutions. Then only the dependency on some external system will reduce for day to day health issues. Of course for some serious issue the external system is always there.

And then there is our ancient wisdom of Ayurveda is for you to understand what my body is talking to me. What is this headache, constipation, dandruff, gases, acidity and so on. It also explains us why it is happening. And you will be surprised to know the reasons, the day to day very common, obvious reasons for most of the issues such as food, lifestyle , climate etc and not bacteria and viruses. It is like a story of a old lady who was searching her lost pin outside of her house, when the pin was lost inside the house.

Once you know the reasons then treatment becomes very clear. One is to avoid the reasons and second is to balance the effects happened on the body. Again the balancing will be done by food , life style & household medicines. So come lets learn our age old wisdom of Ayurveda.

Anyone can learn it and can become master in it at-least to take care of his own health and health of his near & dear one's. That's its specialty, it is not the monopoly of any one. One who understands his thirst, hunger, one who feels burning in his body, dryness in his body, then he can learn Ayurveda. No need of any particular education, yes of-course he will need a common sense. It is an experiential wisdom, not a empty knowledge from books.


-->Dynamic interconnection between food, mind, body, environment & our constitution
--> Five element theory (Panchmahabhoota)
--> Tridosha theory (Kapha, Pitta, Vata)
--> Daily & seasonal routines( not in 1 day)
--> Science of tastes
--> The how & why of daily exercise
--> Food & digestion
--> Household remedies for common illness
--> Above all, mental health


One can manage almost 80% of day to day health issues such as acidity, headaches, constipation, joint pains, weakness, low energy, sleep issues, skin & hair problems, cold & cough, dust allergy, gases, indigestion and so many other by simple household remedies.

Ultimately you become master of your health. You can decide what is good and what is bad for you, no one else. Certainly saving your time , money & energy.